Sep 23: John DJs, Robert assists, Kathleen teaches.


This week’s newsletter:

This Friday, September 23, 7:00-9:45, join AIFD for a fun evening of international folk dancing at HRC. $5 at the door (18 and up).

John ScalesRobert SampsonOur DJ this week will be John Scales. John will be assisted by Robert Sampson.

Kathleen McDonaghTeaching: We continue fulfilling your teaching requests! This week’s featured teacher is Kathleen McDonagh, who will teach Jaimale (a French-Israeli dance), Kleftes (from Greece), and Kotlensko Oro (from Macedonia). Kathleen will also call the contra during one of the Homegrown International sets.

HomegrownHOMEGROWN INTERNATIONAL plays at AIFD this week!!! More details here.