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2024-2025 AIFD Board of Directors:

Madeline Brock
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Jeff Kessel
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Program director
Donna Baker
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Madeline Brock Jeff Kessel Donna Baker

Teaching director
Rebecca Hample
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John (Janos) Scales
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Marcia Toprac
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Rebecca Hample John (Janos) Scales Marcia Toprac

Carry over from prior board: Madeline Brock (Send email)
AIFD registered agent: Franklin Houston (Send email)
AIFD webmasters: Misi Tsurikov and Bill Ogilvie (Send email)

Finance and organization references:

AIFD newsletter archive (since May 19th, 2012)
AIFD Attendance, income, expense tracking (opens in new page)
AIFD music library
AIFD live music compensation policy
AIFD organization manual (WEB – under development)
Keeping The Dance Floor Safe.
Organization Determination Letter
Articles of Incorporation (from 1976)
Past AIFD boards (a work in progress)
Dance notes (Compiled by Franklin Houston).


May 2022
May 2021

Friday night materials

Austin International Folk Dancers Program Sheet
AIFD Nametags
Sign in sheets.
Welcome poster for sign-in table
— Dance request list (pdf) (MS word)
Newsletter signup sheet
Master Copies of AIFD forms, logos and flyers (7zip file)

Publicity Materials

AIFD Business Cards (pdf)
— AIFD generic flier (pdf, Google doc)