Want to receive our e-newsletter?

AIFD’s newsletter is distributed every Wednesday in advance of the following Friday’s dance event.

If you would like to start receiving the newsletter, simply add your email to the AIFD listserv:

  1. Write an email to: sympa@utlists.utexas.edu
  2. In the header type: subscribe aifd-annc
  3. Leave the body empty
  4. Hit send
You should almost immediately receive a confirmation email.

If you don’t receive your newsletter the following Friday, check your spam folders. You can also find the current newsletter here.

The newsletter will be sent from an address beginning with “[aifd-annc]”.

If you run into issues or would like the newsletter editor to add you, please email contact@aifd.cc.

If you would like to be REMOVED from the AIFD listserv, simply follow the steps above, but on step 2 replace “subscribe aifd-annc” with “unsubscribe aifd-annc”, or email contact@aifd.cc.