Quarantine Live Events.

Do you have live music or other activities you would like to share with the AIFD community during quarantine? We can help get the word out.

Email us at quarantine_event_coordinator@aifd.cc with details about what, when, and how (medium). and we can list it in the AIFD newsletter, on aifd.cc, and on Facebook.

If your event is stepping on other events in such a way that can impact attendance, we can help coordinate scheduling.

Unfortunately, at this point, we cannot assist with technicalities, such as providing a Zoom account, but there are plenty of resources out there to help you with this.

AIFD on Facebook

The Austin International Folk Dancers maintains 2 pages on Facebook: An AIFD Facebook page and an AIFD Facebook Group page.

What’s the difference?

– The AIFD Facebook page is visible to the world but can only be updated by owners and editors.

– The AIFD Facebook Group page is private. Any member can post content. That content will be available to anyone in the group. Admins approve requests to join .. mainly to keep out scammers and spammers.

Mar 27: Note from our Prez.

From the AIFD Board President:
Denise FynmoreWe sincerely hope and pray that all our AIFD dancers are faring well during this time of the COVID-19 virus. Travis County has instituted a shelter-in-place order that started Tuesday, March 24, a serious measure that is aimed at stopping transmission of the virus in order to “flatten the curve.” We urge everyone to follow this guidance as much as is possible, because the sooner the virus is stopped, the sooner we can get back to DANCING. We will not do this until we are 100% sure it is safe to do so. I miss folk dancing and my dancing friends, and I look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on any information on resuming folk dancing. Please take care and stay safe! – Denise Fynmore.

For more information, including links to upcoming events, AIFD Newsletter.

AIFD Newsletter Submission

handwritten noteWould you like to contribute content to the AIFD newsletter while we are not meeting during the Coronavirus outbreak?

Feel free to send pictures, links, or text to newsletter_editor@aifd.cc.

camera old styleAlso, we would like to credit whoever provides content, so please also send your name and a picture (or a link to a picture) that can be cropped accordingly.

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If the link doesn’t work, please email a request to newsletter_editor@aifd.cc.

– AIFD Newsletter editor.

I want the newsletter

The AIFD newsletter is emailed every Wednesday morning with information about the upcoming Friday’s event, as well as loads of other fun stuff.

If you would like to be added to the distribution, please click on this email link.

If the link doesn’t work, please email a request to newsletter_editor@aifd.cc.

You can always find a link to the current newsletter at the AIFD website.

AIFD’s New Equipment Cabinet!!!

AIFD’s New Equipment Cabinet
July, 2019.
AIFD Storage Cabinet.One of the many behind the scenes activities at AIFD is storage of our equipment at HRC. A recent fire code change made the size of AIFD’s old cabinet a safety and fire hazard. Jeff Kessel came to the rescue by building a new one. Jeff KesselWorking closely with HRC staff, Jeff designed a cabinet that met the needs of both the city and AIFD. Then, applying his woodworking talents, he produced a cabinet that will last for the long haul. You can see a few picture of the end result here. Thanks Jeff!!!