June 10: Lisa DJs and teaches. Scott assists.


This Friday, June 10, 7:00-9:45, join AIFD for a fun evening of international folk dancing at HRC. $5 at the door (18 and up).

Lisa Horn_DielmanScott MargoProgrammers: Our DJ this week will by Lisa Horn Dielman. Lisa will be assisted by Scott Margo.

There will not be any new teaching this week. However, Lisa will start the program with dances that have been taught over the past few weeks, as follows:

Pravo (Bulgaria)
Ma Na’avu (Israel)
Niska Banja (Rom)
Ajde Jano (Serbia)
Trava, Trava (Greece)
Ugros (Hungary)

“The theme for this week’s program is FUN! I’ll program dances that I feel are fun and add in those that you request because they are fun for you. Please join us this Friday and share with the group your requests for fun dances!” – Lisa