July 2: HIFD simulcast.

Houston switching to in person dancing with Zoom simulcast.

Houston will no longer be doing Zoom as their primary dance experience. They will resume in-person dances on July 2 and every other week thereafter. (Members only. Fully vaccinated. Must show proof of vaccination.). HIFDHouston will experiment with Zoom broadcasting their in-person dance this Friday – July 2 (Zoom link stays the same and is still posted on the HIFD website). After that, it will depend on the level of interest and the quality of broadcast they can achieve. To express your interest or provide feedback on the July 2 broadcast, email John at jnjbloom@gmail.com.

AIFD will continue to host Zoom events every other week until Austin Parks and Recreation allows in person events to return. AIFD’s next Zoom event is Friday, July 9th.

See this week’s AIFD Newsletter.