No changes to HRC.

No changes to Hancock Rec Center

Thanks to inquiries by Franklin Houston, we’ve been assured by Parks and Recreation that “The Hancock Recreation Center is independent of the golf course and will not be impacted in any of the current provided programs.”

There will be changes to the Hancock Golf Course which will allow the city to enter into a public-private partnership to improve the site into a modern golf learning center as part of a concession agreement with the City.

Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) had scheduled two meetings to solicit public input, on Oct 26 and 29, 2020. However, both have been postponed to future dates. Planning documents are here. (with the link to hancock-golf-course-planning )

The communication that Hancock Recreation Center will not be impacted in any of the current provided programs gives AIFD Board the confidence that we can go forward with our plans.

If you have questions please email the AIFD Board at

Thank you and sometime we will dance again! Craig Roberts,

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