Zoom Tips


From our program director (2020-1 board), Scott Margo: One of our longtime members has been attending a lot of other dances and has learned some things about Zoom.

She recommends that people attending the AIFD Zoom meetings ensure their Zoom client is updated to the latest version. This will ensure bug fixes are applied. Also, a recently released version will allow the host or co-host to spotlight multiple speakers, which may come in handy at times.

For mobile device users, the Zoom version should update automatically. For desktop users, depending on the currently installed version, you may be prompted to update when you log in.

In case you are unfamiliar how to check whether you have the latest version or how to update if you don’t, this link should help.

John Bloom of HIFD has posted some good information on how to help better your virtual dance experience:

An introduction to using Zoom.

Updated PC-performance tips.

Also, the dance leaders would like to provide you with some ideas on how to have an easier time following us during our virtual dance sessions. For dances that move around a lot, try taking smaller steps and doing quick little pivots in place to face your screen again. Also, putting up a mirror opposite your monitor screen can assist you in viewing the dance leader while your back is to the screen.