Birthdays during a pandemic!!!


Birthdays During a Pandemic

CakeSome of you may have wondered, has AIFD forgotten my birthday? You are correct, some of us have forgotten your birthday. But we still want to celebrate it. So Friday, October 16th, we’ll celebrate! Sorry, you’ll have to provide your own cake, ice cream, chocolate bar, pie, etc.

We promise, when all this is over, we’ll celebrate the right way with cake, ice cream and hugs, your choice!

Take care, we miss you!
(signed, all of us)

Happy Happy B-day, by Aaron Carnahan

Happy Happy B-day!(clap clap)

Happy Happy B-day!(clap clap)

We sing to you!

Happy B-day!(clap clap)

Happy B-day to:name

Happy B-day tooooo youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!