Aug 7: AIFD hosts Zoom event.


In this week’s AIFD newsletter:

Meeting ID:
847 8053 8417

This week’s event is hosted by AIFD. The complete lineup of dances and teachers will be available at here prior to the event.


John Bloom of HIFD has posted some good information on how to help better your virtual dance experience.

Also, the dance leaders would like to provide you with some ideas on how to have an easier time following us during our virtual dance sessions. For dances that move around a lot, try taking smaller steps and doing quick little pivots in place to face your screen again. Also, putting up a mirror opposite your monitor screen can assist you in viewing the dance leader while your back is to the screen.

Want to be a ZOOM monitor?

Zoom monitorFor a complete list of duties, sign up link, contact information, and loads of other good stuff, check out the Google doc that Scott has prepared.

Want to sign up now? Here’s the link.