From Our Prez

Tips for new, and not so new, dancers
from your president.
Denise FynmoreMy goal for all dancers on Friday nights is for them to spend as much time as possible doing the dances they enjoy. I want to give you a few tips here that may help you do that.

(1) Come at 7:00 for the teaching whenever possible.
(2) When you learn a dance you like, also learn the name of the dance. Write it down if necessary.
(3) Over the following weeks, request that dance by writing it on the request list on the music table.
(4) If you see a dance being done that you like, but don’t know it, ask someone or find the name on the board, then you can request that it be taught! There are now two forms at the music table:. One to request dances to be done that night and one to request dances to be taught.

We WANT you to request dances!! The programmers can’t read your mind, so let them know what you want. Yes, I know the dance names are difficult(!), but the names of the dances done each week are written on the board, so write them down or take a photo of the board. I have recently started including the names of dances taught the previous week in the newsletter, along with VIDEOS of them when available. This gives you the opportunity to review and practice at home. A website,, has the history, dance notes, and videos of almost every dance I’ve ever heard of, so you can look them up at home if you want to review or learn dances