Last update: April 8th, 2010

  1. Setup
  2. Starting winamp
  3. Basic controls and comments
  4. Refreshing the music library
  5. New Pacemaker - tempo, pitch, speed control
  6. Notes and troubleshooting

1. SETUP: (back to top)
2. STARTING WINAMP: (back to top)
After booting up the computer, click on this icon to start winamp:

When Winamp starts you should see 4 components (see screen below):

If the media library or the playlist editor are NOT showing, click on the ML or PL button on lower right of the the player (see picture below):

Note the location of some controls:

Volume control

Toggle button (to automatically play next tune)
(Issues with toggle? see section 5, item 2)
PL (play list) and ML (music library) buttons.

In the media library the following columns are populated:

3. Basic Controls and comments: (back to top)

4. Refreshing the music library (back to top)
If you think there is a lot of extra music in the music library, you can clear the music library and refresh it from the FLAC directory. To do this:

Remove library contents

First, put the curser anywhere in the music library and select all the items by hitting CTRL-A ("select all") then hit the Delete button.
At the prompt "Are you sure you want to remove the selected item(s) from the library?" select 'Yes'.

The music library will then be empty.
Add music from the FLAC directory
On the top of the PLAYER, left click 'File' and select 'Add Media to Library...'

In the "Add Media to Library" dialog box, navigate to:

Local Disk (C:) > aifd > music > Flac

and then hit "Add".

You will see a display as Winamp adds the 1200+ recordings. This will take about 10 seconds, after which the media library will be refreshed.

5. Pacemaker: Tempo, pitch, speed control (back to top)

Pacemaker is a Winamp add in that was installed by Franklin Houston on 4/7/2010. It replaces the "amazing slowdowner" and the resolves the issue of the slowdowner not working with Flac files.

The Pacemaker control will appear at the bottom of the music library and will look something like this:

If the PaceMaker screen is not showing, go to Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect and click on the PaceMaker application.

Here are the instructions from Franklin:

6. Notes and troubleshooting (back to top)
# Name Desc Status/resolution
1 No volume No volume. Changing volume on amp doesn't fix it. Check volume in Winamp. Click here to go to the appropriate section of this doc.
2 Auto skip inop Winamp does not automatically skip to the next selection in the playlist even though the Toggle button is set (see notes under section 2). In order for the toggle to work correctly, the Manual playlist advance checkbox must be UNchecked:
On the 'Playlist editor' select
Playlist > Playlist Preferences.
You will see the Manual playlist advance checkbox in the "Advanced Playlist Settings" in the center of the screen.
3 Pacemaker not showing Pacemaker controls are not visible. Go to Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > DSP/Effect and click on the PaceMaker application.