Great SAFDF 2013 Weekend

SAFDF 2013 was a happy, successful, colorful, energetic treat for all who partook of it.

More than 80 people attended the dance workshops by Sonia Dion, Cristian Florescu, Jose Padron, and Joseph Pimentel. The effervescent Sonia and Cristian again delighted our folk dance village with lively and enjoyable Romanian dances, including the fiery “masterclass dance” Chef (pronounced “kef”).

Jose and his assistants taught a dance from Chihuahua and a variation on Santa Rita. Joseph brought not only a wonderful variety of English country dances, but also many tips, mannerisms, and memory aids to make the ECD experience even more satisfying.

The Saturday-night concert was a dazzling gala, the biggest concert in recent years in both groups and attendance. It featured great performances from local groups as well as exhilarating performances from the Komenka Ethnic Dance Ensemble (New Orleans) and the Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing (Toronto).

The program also saw the awarding of the 2013 Texas Dance Award to Lissa Bengtson and the 2013 National Dance Award to Janice Mendelson.

The dance parties were lively and wholesome. And who can forget the thrill of seeing the Serbian group, all youngsters, exploding onto the dance floor to do Sestorka with loud singing and yelling — not once, but twice?

Sunday saw the traditional Henry Lash Bash lunch, complete with delicious catered food, plus a birthday cake for Nelda Drury and a special surprise performance by the Wongai Dance and Drum Ensemble.

The entire weekend was bathed in wholesomeness, dance revelry, and camarederie, with many dear friends gathered from far and wide to continue the beautiful tradition of SAFDF.

– Misi Tsurikov, March 20, 2013