Tips for new programmers

In September, 2011, some simple changes were made to the music library to support new programmers . These changes make it easy to quickly identify tunes that the group is familiar with and are likely to get people dancing. They also eliminate the perceived need for someone to be an expert with the music library before they can program.

core2011 The primary change is that 110+ dances were tagged as “core2011” in the ‘Composer’ field. You can find a list of these dances at .

To pull up these dances, simply type ‘core2011’ in the search field:


You can click on the Title, Artist (nationality), Genre (formation), Comment (complexity) buttons to sort further.

Other changes Here are a few other changes to support programmers who are a little more comfortable with the playlist:

  • core Several hundred dances are tagged as “core” in the ‘Composer’ field. The are tunes for dances that the group is largely familiar with.
  • (preferred) Often a dance will have several tunes. But not all of these are recognized by the group. In these situations, one or two of the tunes will include “(preferred)” in the title (an example of this is the tune “Alexandrovsky” in the above image).

PDF of this page.

(Special thanks to our music librarian, Franklin Houston, for coordinating and implementing the changes to the music library.)