April 13: Holly DJs, Dee assists.

CakeCakeThis Friday at dancing:
Holly DJs, Dee assists.
April Birthdays and Anniversaries.
Holly PlotnerDee McCandlessEnjoy a lively evening of dancing DJ’d by Holly Plotner. Holly will be assisted by Dee McCandless. This week we’ll celebrate our dancers who have a birthday or anniversary in April with song, dance, and cake.
Teaching: Franklin Houston will again start the evening with Kacerac from Serbia. He’ll review theFranklin HoustonLisa Horn Dielman styling and variations from last week. We’ll then return to the USA for the Cross-Step Waltz, taught by Franklin and Lisa Horn Dielman. Plan on having even more time to practice the steps that you’ve already learned, with perhaps a woman’s turn thrown in!
For more information and other neat stuff, check out this week’s newsletter.

Friday, April 13, 7-9:45 pm.
Admission fee is $5 for those 18 and older.
There is no fee for those under 18,
but they must be supervised by a designated person 18 or older.
Hancock Recreation Center (HRC)