May 20: Mike DJs, Celsa assists. Teaching info.

Mike ReveszCelsa SanchezEnjoy a lively evening of folk dancing with DJ Mike Revesz. Mike will be assisted by Celsa Sanchez.
After a lively evening of dancing on May 20th, join us for a fun after party. Full details will be available at dancing.
Teaching: Co-Teaching Director Franklin Houston will kick off the program at 7 PM Franklin Houstonthis Friday with a visit to Croatia where we’ll spend time with the drmes step, hop-step-step, basket holds, and the various ways to do the “mixed pickles” step. Don’t miss out on a number of enjoyable circle dances, all of which were your old favorites or will become your favorites!

For more information and other neat stuff, including election results, check out this week’s newsletter.

Friday, May 20th, 7-9:45 pm
$5 at the door 17 and over (16 and under free).
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Hancock Recreation Center (HRC)

From Our New Teaching Directors:
Welcome to AIFD’s teaching program for 2016-2017! Our goal is to bring AIFD’s favorite dances to our newer and long-time dancers alike. Each week, we’ll be presenting dances with a common ethnic theme or the dances of a well-known dance teacher. Easier dances will be taught between 7 and 7:30 and the featured teaching will be taught between 7:30 and 8, with some request dancing thrown in between. – Dena and Franklin Houston.

May 13: Birthdays and Elections!!!

This Friday at dancing
CakeBallot boxElections and May Birthdays!!
Holly DJ’s, Kathleen assists.
It’s that time of year to elect the AIFD Board. We’ll host the elections after announcements.Holly PlotnerKathleen McDonagh See the list of candidate on the bottom right of this newsletter. Also, if you or a fellow folk dancer has a birthday or anniversary in May, come to folk dancing to celebrate with song, dance, and cake! Our DJ for this lively evening of dance, cake, and ballot casting will be Holly Plotner. Holly will be assisted by Kathleen McDonagh. From Holly: “This Friday is the only Friday the 13th in 2016! We will celebrate this ‘one-of’ date by featuring 1 figure dances and dances that are the only ones we know from a particular country.”
MadelineTeaching: Come at 7 p.m. to enjoy another fabulous newcomers’ session led by Madeline Brock!

For more information and other neat stuff, check out this week’s newsletter.

Friday, May 13th, 7-9:45 pm
$5 at the door 17 and over (16 and under free).
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Hancock Recreation Center (HRC)

May 6: Children’s Hour! Madeline DJs, Lila assists.

Madeline BrockLila LuceJoin us for a fun and lively evening of folk dancing that will include a special nod to the youngest dancers (see below). Madeline Brock will be our DJ. Madeline will be assisted by Lila Luce.

Teaching: We will kick off the evening with a special Kathleen McDonaghevent designed with our youngest folk dancers in mind! During an extended newcomer’s session from 7 – 8 p.m., Madeline Brock and Kathleen McDonagh will teach fun and exciting dances sure to appeal to the young (and young at heart). HollySo, bring your kids both little and big; and remember, children 16 and under dance for free *every* Friday evening! Later in the evening, Holly Plotner will review Belcova Tropanka, the Bulgarian dance from Yves Moreau that she taught last week.

For more information and other neat stuff, check out this week’s newsletter.

Friday, May 6th, 7-9:45 pm
$5 at the door 17 and over (16 and under free).
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Hancock Recreation Center (HRC)

AIFD election results

AIFD Board of Directors:
Thanks to the outgoing Board.
Welcome to the new 2015-16 Board.
MadelineIola HallockPresident:
Incoming: Madeline Brock.
Outgoing: Iola Hallock.
David LiangBrenda BentonVice President:
Incoming: David Liang.
Outgoing: Brenda Benton.
Mike Revesz and Kathleen McDonaghFranklin HoustonProgram Director:
Incoming: Kathleen McDonagh and Mike Revesz.
Outgoing: Franklin Houston.
John ScalesRosieLee SalinasSecretary:
Incoming: John Scales.
Outgoing: RosieLee Salinas.

MisiTeaching Director:
Misi Tsurikov will continue.
Michel Breger will continue.

AIFD board follow up from last week.

The AIFD board is happy to report a positive outcome concerning our Hancock rental. Although the issue is not yet completely solved, AIFD faces an excellent chance for full resolution in 2015. For the time being, AIFD continues to call Hancock “home” through January 2015. You can help with the resolution in 2 simple ways.
First — please come to dancing! Your presence is not just a delight for all of us — it’s now one of our strongest bargaining points.
Second — please sign in, legibly and fully every time. The City tracks our sign-ins now, and needs all the info in those sheets.

An important announcement from the AIFD board.

Megaphone On November 6, the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) notified AIFD of its intent to sharply raise the rental rate for Hancock Recreation Center (HRC). The AIFD board immediately met in person with PARD representatives to discuss the changes and their implications to AIFD. Look for additional communication from the board this week at dancing. Please come. We need AIFD member input and feedback to explore solutions.

CPR/AED certified

Are you CPR/AED certified?
Safety First! All dancers should know where the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located at Hancock. Even if you are not certified to operate the device, you Automated External Defibrillatorare encouraged to become familiar with its location next to the attendants desk. In the event of an emergency you could save a life simply by retrieving it for the emergency responder. If you are certified to operate the AED please let the Board know. The Board will not keep an official list, but would like to know who to turn to in the event of an emergency. Thanks!

Join Us!

The Austin International Folk Dancers meet almost every Friday Night (7-9:45PM) at the Hancock Recreation Center, 811 E 41st St, in Austin Texas.

Everyone is welcome at AIFD, we are kid-friendly and our dancers come from all walks of life. We ask for a $5 donation to cover room rental from those 17 and up.

No partner is needed, and dancers of every skill level are welcome.

Our repertoire includes line dances, couples dances, and mixers. Folk dancing is a great social event and wonderful exercise.

Are you used to AIFD meeting on Saturdays? In coordination with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, AIFD moved to Friday nights starting October 2nd, 2015.

Code of Conduct

Austin International Folk Dancers
Code of Conduct.
Austin International Folk Dancers (AIFD) is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everyone at AIFD events. Working with the staff at Hancock Code of ConductRec Center as well as reviewing policies implemented by other groups, on July 11th, 2015, the AIFD board released its own Code of Conduct (link). If you have any questions about the policy, please feel free to contact an AIFD board member.